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Guest Article:  Ryan Duke

Why You Should Take Lessons If You Do Not Practice

The world is a busy place and most people are too busy. Taking on more than they should and not giving 100% attention to very many things if anything. This makes the idea of learning an instrument overwhelming from the get go. Except for those who don’t yet realize that learning an instrument takes years and years of practice. Let’s look at the best way to get past all this.


Most people might think something needs to be sacrificed to make room for learning something new. That they would have to neglect their family or careers. This is a very limiting belief. One I have had, but do not now. Fortunately there is another way.


The first barrier we have to demolish in learning anything is overcoming the belief that you do not have time to practice. How do you know if this is the problem? It is an easy diagnosis. Listen to your words. If you say to yourself “I’m too busy”, “I can’t find the time”, “I don’t have time for that”, and other statements like that, then we found the culprit. You have this limiting belief about yourself.


Time is the same for everybody. Some people do a lot more than others. This used to baffle me. Looking at it rationally, I realized I had an issue. It was my perception. There aren’t super humans. We all have the same 24hrs in a day. We all have the time. The issue is we don’t believe we can do what others do. Or we believe what we are doing requires ALL of our time.


Once we let go of these ideas we picked up from other people then we can adopt a new belief. One that empowers us and doesn’t make excuses. The first step is believing there is a way and that you can do it.


Next we need to prepare and make some room. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Start out by finding a dedicated teacher. This is 1st because if you have faith in someone else and know they will cut your learning time down by a lot, you will be more motivated to do it. In addition there is accountability and support. Start getting lessons on a very consistent basis. Have that time carved out for you. For your growth and investment into your own life.


This is all you need at first. A belief, some help, and for it to be scheduled every week. You don’t even need to practice yet. This would come next. Practicing as frequently as possible is ideal, but we need to work up to it. For some people it might happen right away and every day. For others it might take a month to get it going consistently. But even if it took a month and you still made it happen, that is better than nothing. Don’t be a perfectionist about it. Don’t put it off. You only have today for today.


Keep in mind the beginning is the hardest with something new. Once you get going it will get easier because the momentum will pick up. After you have even the slightest moment, take advantage of it. Carve out 2 minutes a day to practice. Then 5 minutes. Then 10 and so on until you get to the amount you want. Every step moves you forward.


Author: Ryan Duke is owner of Supertonic Guitar providing guitar lessons in Franklin.

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