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Learning to play guitar is an investment in yourself.

Compared to many other instruments, the guitar is especially challenging to learn on your own.  You're assured to build bad habits that will limit your progress.  Regardless what level you're at, as a child or adult, you'll need a guide.

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

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I've been working with Matt as a beginning guitarist for several months now, and I couldn't be happier with my progress. From my very first lesson with Matt, he listened to what my goals were so that he could develop a plan to help me achieve them, and is pretty adept at figuring out how quickly he should introduce new material based on progress so that I can achieve new skills without being overwhelmed. What I've particularly liked in working with Matt is that things he taught me early which seemed uncomfortable and almost impossible have made things we are working on now easier to accomplish, which he assured me was going to happen. I've got big goals for the guitar, but I am confident that Matt has me on the right track, and I'm also confident that Matt can help guitarists of all skill levels to achieve whatever their goals. are. I couldn't be happier that I gave up the guitar store lessons and found a teacher that wants to teach me the skills needed to play any song I have an interest in learning versus an instruction method that is focused on teaching a few songs without focusing on the fundamentals. 

Will S.

Grafton, MA


I am Evan S*******, I’m 13, and I’ve been going to ROI Guitar Studio for about 3 years now.  Matt, the instructor is incredibly patient and has an incredibly deep well of knowledge about playing the guitar and music theory.  I decided to choose Matt over other instructors because of how he continued to encourage me while I was less than enthusiastic during his first free lesson and to adapt his teaching style to fit my personality.

Evan S.

Shrewsbury, MA

Natural Talent  is a fallacy...

When you see a “gifted” musician who “effortlessly” performs a piece at a high level-- it’s anything but effortless.  In fact, it’s the result of a great deal of effort.  And a great deal of desire and the opportunity to nurture it.  In fact, what a travesty to call it a “gift” in the first place!  That label completely ignores the efforts invested...

Ever seen a baby with great dexterity?

Of course not!​  Dexterity is 100% learned.  And you can learn too. 


We've all heard the expression about "teaching an old dog new tricks."  Well, let me tell you first hand...  that I've taught many old dogs new tricks.  Literally, and figuratively.  (I have a canine obedience background and am a foster home for Alaskan Malamute Rescue of New England!)  Any "old dog" who can't learn...


Matt is a wonderful teacher and person.  He sincerely wants to help people reach their potential and goals for learning guitar.  Not only does he spend the time to get to know your background and areas for improvement, but he also caters to your particular style (blues, folk, classical, metal) and is flexible schedule-wise.  I completely recommend Matt as a teacher.  I have tried many instructors before, and none have come close to Matt's patience and willingness to adjust his explanation style to fit your needs.

Peter C.

Worcester, MA


Great Guy.  Knows his stuff, and will tailor his lessons to you.  He recommended lowering the action on my guitar, after I got it done, it was much easier to play.  I highly recommend him.

Scott G.

Belmont, MA

Translating little black dots?  Really?

Learning to play the guitar is hard enough.  Learning to read standard notation at the same time?  Unnecessary, in my opinion.  I'm all for training to be proficient at reading and writing standard notation.  But if you want to learn guitar, your focus ought to be on the instrument.  I'm a big proponent of learning, understanding, and applying music theory to the guitar.  On the other hand, one of the tools we use to break down hard problems...

Here comes the hard part...

Maybe you're an established player.  You know your way around the fretboard.  Intro... Verse... Chorus... Verse... Chorus...  So far so good.  Lots of repetition, you've got this.  But now the bridge is challenging, and that damn guitar solo...  The first note sounds right, the last note sounds right...  But everything in between? 


Joined ROI Guitar Studio couple weeks back and it has been a great experience so far.  Matt is very knowledgeable and he explains things very well.  I have been playing guitar for couple years now but i'm at a point where I think I have plateaued myself and cannot take myself to the next level without professional guidance.  I'm confident that Matt can help me here in giving my skills a boost so I could achieve my long term goals..

Umer T.

Northborough, MA


I have been working with Matt in the past five years.  He is a person who is dedicated, determined, and professional.  During the time, he was always able to find root cause to the problems we encountered and provide solutions.  He is also a very down-to-earth guy who was able to guide me through troubles step by step with practical methods.  My skills have grown exponentially over the course while working with him.

Jason I.

Braintree, MA

Did you invest in a guitar?  But not in yourself?

An investment its ROI-- the Return On Investment-- are most commonly used as financial terms.  Ones in which the currency is monetary.  Dollars.  That's all well and good.  But unless your goal is to make a career in performing or recording music with your guitar, the investment-- and the return on that investment-- aren't monetary. 

Most likely, you're making a different kind of investment.  In your happiness.  In your sense of accomplishment.  Fulfillment.  Enrichment.  In satisfying a curiosity,  In overcoming a challenge.  In whatever is important to you

What brought you to my website?  What kept you reading all the way to the very bottom?  That.

Why haven't you already tackled learning the guitar?  Frustration?  No natural-born talent? 

You're here for a reason.  An important one:  You.

Learning to play guitar really is an investment. An investment in you.

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