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Guest Article:  Miika Korte

6 Reasons for Developing a Burning Passion for Playing Guitar

First: for whom is this article useful?

All players who...

...have started in some earlier point in their lives, but lost their interest.
...need an instrument for their job (e.g. school teachers), who don't have other, bigger reasons to play guitar -> YET <-
...are still playing, but feel burned out or are about to lose their passion or
If you are playing in a band and feel frustrated with your skills

Read this article!


Why develop a burning passion in the first place?

1.  It's contagious!I


If you are a school teacher and play your guitar with passion, it is much more impressive to your pupils, than simply "playing" the guitar, meaning simply strumming some chords along to a song. Imagine you cannot help but smiling while you sing a song with your pupils, because you feel so energetic when you pick up your instrument. Imagine your bandmates getting infected by your positive aura while you are playing as if this was the last time you could ever pick up the guitar in your life.

2.  It makes you a happier person.  

Nobody likes to do things, one MUST do. So, if you turn this around and turn guitar playing into something that is pure fun for you, you just got rid of a huge burden in your life. You will have more drive in life and feel better in general. Because it really IS fun.

3.  It makes you learn more and learn faster. 


Is this not what we all want for our guitar playing? We all want to be the greatest guitarist of the world, preferably since yesterday or even years ago. What do all great guitar players have in common? You guessed it. They all developed (this is key) a burning passion for guitar. They weren't born with it. Some probably were, but there definitely are some players who got big, that just started out as occasional players but over time wanted more and more!

4.  Being able to develop a passion for something can help you develop a passion for something completely different.

For example in your work life, making you more successful at your job.  Or it could even enhance your love life (I am serious about this). This is even stronger, when you get your partner to take part in your hobby. Maybe you do not both need to play guitar, but making music together can bring you and your partner closer together.

5. Playing guitar is a great way to relax, if you do it right!


Don't stress about it, enjoy the process of playing and practicing, be excited, that it is YOU who is producing the sounds. Forget your job, forget all other worries in life. Looking forward to playing guitar after work can even make your job feel easier, because you have something rewarding to anticipate at home and you can be happier at your job even instantly.

6. You can do all sorts of cool things with your guitar you might not even be aware of!


You could imagine and write simple melodies or little songs made up of some chords and become creative in all kinds of ways. It is easier than you think, if you struggle, find a great teacher who can help you get the ball rolling. It is a lot of fun!

About the author:

Miika Korte is a professional musician and guitar instructor from Finland and teaches Kitaratunnit in Tampere. He is specialized in bringing results for intermediate rock and metal guitar players. He also has a passion for teaching beginner students the amazing amenities of the electric guitar as well as on acoustic guitar. If you happen to live in his area, make sure to visit him for lessons and experience how he can take your guitar playing to a new level.

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