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Learning to play guitar is an investment in yourself.

Do you regret not learning to play a musical instrument when you were younger?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. Surveys show that a whopping 85% of adult Americans regret not having learned to play an instrument. And further, that 67% would still like to learn! Are you in that category as well? You’ve come to the right place!

The value of having music in your life is immeasurable. Whether you wish to play around the campfire, or write or record songs, or perform in front of thousands, the guitar can be creative outlet that promotes a sense of accomplishment and joy. It can become an extension of yourself that creates or expresses true, raw emotion.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s not out of your reach. You can achieve this.

Do you fear that you lack the gift of “natural talent?”

(Hint: No! That’s a myth!) Anybody with basic motor skills and the desire to learn can play the guitar at a professional level. Anybody. (That includes you!) With some investment in time and effort, and the appropriate level of guidance and training, you can attain the skills to make playing the guitar look easy—as if you were born “gifted.”

Has the guitar been a source of frustration?

It was for me. I considered it to be a badge of honor to be self-taught. In reality, I was being foolish. Over a period of 30 years, I did little more than build bad habits. I’d listen to another guitarist who had “the gift of natural talent” and got discouraged, instead of inspired. My mindset was completely wrong. It just reinforced the idea that natural talent existed, and that I didn’t have it. And I thought I never would. I’d play the same old things I’d struggled with for the last 30 years. And eventually, I’d put the guitar down in frustration and give up. Does this sound familiar?

Do you stress out when you come to the “hard part” of the song?

Don’t let fear and anxiety overtake the joy of playing. Stress and fear constrain your ability to play. The more tension you add, the more difficult it is to play; the less likely you are to overcome the challenge. That self-validates the feelings of fear and anxiety! The reality is that if you can play the difficult passage correctly just once—you’ve proven that you have the physical capacity to do it. The rest is just mental. It’s building the confidence and mechanical familiarity in the brain. If you can do it once, you can do it again. In fact, you can do it every time. Perfectly. Fix your mindset. Every time you float though the “hard parts” like you own them, you build the confidence that allows you to relax, and enjoy playing. You’ve made it look and feel easy. As if you were born “talented.”

Did you invest in your guitar… but not in yourself?

Was it your frustration with your lack of natural-born talent that relegated your guitar to a piece of decorative furniture? Learning to play guitar is an enrichment program. It provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Learning to play guitar really is an investment. An investment in you.


I've been working with Matt as a beginning guitarist for several months now, and I couldn't be happier with my progress. From my very first lesson with Matt, he listened to what my goals were so that he could develop a plan to help me achieve them, and is pretty adept at figuring out how quickly he should introduce new material based on progress so that I can achieve new skills without being overwhelmed. What I've particularly liked in working with Matt is that things he taught me early which seemed uncomfortable and almost impossible have made things we are working on now easier to accomplish, which he assured me was going to happen. I've got big goals for the guitar, but I am confident that Matt has me on the right track, and I'm also confident that Matt can help guitarists of all skill levels to achieve whatever their goals. are. I couldn't be happier that I gave up the guitar store lessons and found a teacher that wants to teach me the skills needed to play any song I have an interest in learning versus an instruction method that is focused on teaching a few songs without focusing on the fundamentals. 

Will S.

Lexington, MA / Kalamazoo, MI


I am Evan S*******, I’m 13, and I’ve been going to ROI Guitar Studio for about 3 years now.  Matt, the instructor is incredibly patient and has an incredibly deep well of knowledge about playing the guitar and music theory.  I decided to choose Matt over other instructors because of how he continued to encourage me while I was less than enthusiastic during his first free lesson and to adapt his teaching style to fit my personality.

Evan S.

Shrewsbury, MA


Matt is a wonderful teacher and person.  He sincerely wants to help people reach their potential and goals for learning guitar.  Not only does he spend the time to get to know your background and areas for improvement, but he also caters to your particular style (blues, folk, classical, metal) and is flexible schedule-wise.  I completely recommend Matt as a teacher.  I have tried many instructors before, and none have come close to Matt's patience and willingness to adjust his explanation style to fit your needs.

Peter C.

Worcester, MA


Great Guy.  Knows his stuff, and will tailor his lessons to you.  He recommended lowering the action on my guitar, after I got it done, it was much easier to play.  I highly recommend him.

Scott G.

Belmont, MA


Joined ROI Guitar Studio couple weeks back and it has been a great experience so far.  Matt is very knowledgeable and he explains things very well.  I have been playing guitar for couple years now but i'm at a point where I think I have plateaued myself and cannot take myself to the next level without professional guidance.  I'm confident that Matt can help me here in giving my skills a boost so I could achieve my long term goals..

Umer T.

Northborough, MA


I have been working with Matt in the past five years.  He is a person who is dedicated, determined, and professional.  During the time, he was always able to find root cause to the problems we encountered and provide solutions.  He is also a very down-to-earth guy who was able to guide me through troubles step by step with practical methods.  My skills have grown exponentially over the course while working with him.

Jason I.

Braintree, MA

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